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Boiler Installation, Repairs & Servicing

For boiler services in Telford, Shropshire and surrounding areas, look no further than Shropshire Gas & Heating. An efficient working boiler is an essential part of any home and often over looked, whether it’s for those cosy winter evenings or to allow you to enjoy a relaxing bath or shower after a hard day’s work. Most problems can be prevented extending the life of the boiler, breakdowns are likely to occur due to lack of following the manufacturers scheduled maintenance (annual service) or the heating system not being cleaned effectively once the installation has been completed. Prevention is better than cure in most cases. Often boilers will start to show signs of deterioration when the boiler is around 10 years old and simply needs to be replaced by a newer system. 

Whether you need a new boiler installation, boiler repair or your annual boiler service, we are here to help.


We install combi boilers, conventional boilers and system boilers. To ensure best practice all our boilers are installed with a magnetic filter helping to protect the unit (often these are an additional cost). The system will also be power flushed and fernox added (an inhibitor which protects your system from future corrosion). This all contributes to a healthy and long lasting new boiler for the future! We don’t just install you a boiler but ensure that after each install we offer an after care to help you maintain both your manufacturers warrantee and boiler lifespan.Your boiler will also be commission benchmarked (Benchmark is the nationally-recognised Scheme that places responsibilities on both manufacturers and installers to ensure installation best practice).

We can supply and install from all leading manufacturers to include Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Baxi, Vaillant and Potterton to name a few. Whatever your requirements we “guarantee” to remain competitive without compromising a quality installation.


Once that first cold snap hits, so will the boiler breakdowns! In line with manufactures warrantees regularly servicing your boiler annually not only ensures its working effectively but certainly extends the boilers lifespan. The cost of regularly maintaining an appliance can be significantly less then the cost of repairing / replacement,  not to mention the inconvenience.  Did you know that summer is the ideal time to have your boiler serviced? Admittedly it is the last thing you want to think about while the sun is shining and temperatures are high. For most of us a boiler breakdown is a simple inconvenience, for some, a lack of heating and hot water can have severe health and financial repercussions.

Carbon Monoxide is a real danger to anyone with a Fuel burning appliances in the home, regularly servicing your boiler ensures it is combusting fuel safely and efficiently helping minimize the risk.

Having problems with your boiler?

Boilers are an essential part of any home, we recommend you get it looked at as soon as possible to help prevent any further complication or long lasting damage. Shropshire Gas & Heating can assist with any boiler repair in Telford, Shropshire and surrounding areas. Whether your boiler or heating system is leaking, low water pressure, no heating or hot water, no pilot, or simply not working we are just a phone call away.
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