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Plumbing & Heating Emergency Call Out Shropshire Emergency Call Outs

Emergency 24/7 Call Outs

When an EMERGENCY arises, don’t despair! We understand that breakdowns can happen at unexpected times, Shropshire Gas & Heating can be there when you need us most! Once the situation has been assessed, we will take immediate action to resolve the problem. If non-stocked parts and materials are required  the work will be made “safe” and completion will be done as soon as possible, usually on the same or following day. 

For a fast, efficient, immediate response please call.

Here when you need us the most!

Available 24 hours a day, we offer our customers the best when it comes to flexibility and ensuring that their needs are met any time of day. After you call us, we will aim to arrive at your property within the hour or as soon as possible to investigate the issue, isolate the problem and finally fix it so that your home can return to safety as quickly as possible. 

Shropshire Gas & Heating are fully qualified and certified, so we’re equipped to deal with any plumbing or gas emergency you might have. As you would expect we work to the highest of standards, so we’ll be able to ensure the safety and security of your home and family.


It’s crucial to act quickly in a gas emergency. These are the steps you need to take to stay safe:

If advised to contact a local Gas Engineer please call us on 07939 138304 for an immediate response!
Call us now for a prompt response!