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Central Heating & Plumbing

At Shropshire Gas & Heating, we cover a wide range of central heating and plumbing services in Telford, Shropshire and surrounding areas, We specialise in 24 hour emergency and non - emergency jobs to include maintenance, Installation, replacement, diagnostics & repairs. Whether this be to trace a leak and repair, tap replacement, blockage, heating system requiring a power flush or designing and installing a new complete system.

Whatever your plumbing or heating challenges, we are here to help.

Central Heating

To ensure an efficient heating system that works throughout your whole house, you need to make sure the entire system is right and fit for purpose. The boiler is just one component of a central heating system and alone does not determine efficiency. Power flushing is essential in preventing potential breakdowns and for maintaining the effectiveness of your central heating system and boiler, by using chemical solution to cleanse and remove unnecessary waste or debris you can maximise on your heating performance and extend the lifespan of your existing system.  We are happy to assist with all your central heating components to include maintenance, repair, replacement or installation.

Plumbing services

We offer a range of central heating and plumbing services, specialising in a variety of jobs to include:

No matter how big or small the job, we are happy to accommodate. Please call us to discuss your requirements. 
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